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Real Bodyweight Bodybuilding Review + My Results & Transformation

This is My No Bullshit BodyWeight BodyBuilding Review & My Results After 2 Months of Doing the Workouts

So, Bodyweight Training to Build Muscle?

Isn’t Bodyweight just for warming up and conditioning?

That’s what you might think about Bodyweight training, but I will tell you right now, Bodyweight Will Build Muscle, Get you Stronger & Help You Get Rid Of Pain!

It did so for me and Zach’s program was a BIG Help on knowing how to use Bodyweight to build muscle & strength (you can see my transformation pics below & why I liked the program and also what I didn’t below)

Click Here to See Bodyweight Bodybuilding

Here are my results after 2 months on the program:

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Review - I gained 5 Pounds of Muscle in 2 Months Before and After Pic

I went from a weak 135 pounds to a strong 145 pounds in those 2 months, 5 of those pounds were pure muscle

Like I explained in the video, I knew I was gonna make gains, but didn’t think they were gonna be this great!

But now let me take you back to when I first got and started the program:

Since I was able to do 100 push ups and about 10-15 pull ups, I thought this program was gonna be easy!

After all, I can do more whit my body weight than most people right?

Fuck I Was Wrong!

The Program will kick your ass and make you realize that you really are Not Bodyweight Strong!

Right of the bat, the first workout got me hooked on the program because it was different, and it made me feel energized and alive afterwards!

You can see my first workout here:

And you can compare it to the last one I did here:

You can see that I got bigger & that the workout was still tough!

And Yes the workout was different, but that is what I really enjoyed about the program, it’s fun, fresh & non-repetitive

But at the same time it is damn challenging & will take you out of your comfort zone as it will expose your weaknesses

At the same time that is a blessing since it forces you to work on getting better at your weaknesses since they are part of the program

For me the finishers always crushed me, all the sprints & running made me realize how much my conditioning sucks & how much work I need in those areas

At first I hated it, but I quickly evolved to doing the workouts that I am not good at and pushing trough them

I read that running and sprinting was involved and I thought OK this should be easy, but reality struck me and I saw how badly my conditioning was

Some people would just avoid this part of the program, but I pushed trough, I wanted to succeed and these conditioning was part of my transformation with this program

It pushed me out of my comfort zone & gave mental toughness, it made me to not be conformed with being average and always seek improvement

I had constant conversations telling me to slow down, or to take a break when I knew it was time to go all out

Things are different when it’s just your bodyweight, you can cheat and do half ass reps and sets, but your only cheating yourself from the success that you could have

I will tell you that if you are not willing to push trough your workouts because your lazy then This Program Is Not For You!

But if you are willing to not make any excuses and drop your ego so you can accept that you are weak in some areas so you can improve on them, then this workout program is for you!

It’s all bodyweight so it really calls for No Excuses since you can do the workouts anywhere and don’t need equipment (and if you do, you can get creative & substitute the exercises or use other things, like me: I used furniture sliders instead of doing ab wheel roll outs, it’s all about getting creative, not making excuses & just getting things done!)

Substitue for ab wheel roll outs - furiture sliders

There is also a 5×5 weights + bodyweight program in there that you can use in case you can’t leave the iron alone, so you still use the power of bodyweight to turn into a strong beast!

Aside for the fact that the workout got me bigger & stronger, the most important thing is that they helped me heal my nagging pain

I had developed pain & imbalances in my body from from driving, sitting too much and the constant stress of heavy lifting

By doing the bodyweight exercises I was able to work on getting my body back to balance

It rejuvenated my body, strengthened my joints & ligaments & made me feel even more energized!

Another thing is that I thought that not lifting weights was gonna make me weaker

But the opposite was what happened

I got stronger!

I did so because the exercises that I was doing were forcing me to engage and feel the right muscles, it forced em to activate and awaken dormant muscles that get turned off by creating imbalances trough bad lifting form and overall bad posture and habits

That to me was worth the whole time I spent doing this workouts

  • It made my body work as a unit & become balanced again
  • It improved my posture & strengthened my back & core big time!

2 key areas that one needs to have a solid foundation with in order to lift heavier weights!

So for this fact I highly recommend that you use body weight training in your workouts

Give it at least a solid 3 weeks to restore your body & bring it back to balance

You will come back stronger and feeling energized and pain free (or at least with least pain)

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will get results form this program because it really depends on the effort that you put into it, but I know for sure that if you follow the workouts & put intensity in them you will see a BIG improvement in your overall fitness level, strength & muscle size in 3 weeks

And if you give it  a full 3 months I know you will become  a bad mofo!

Go Here If You Wanna Become a Bad Mofo!

You don’t have to stop lifting weights with the program (although I personally recommend for at least 3 weeks) as you can just incorporate this bodyweight bodybuilding style workouts into your main workouts or a supplement to strengthen your weak areas

Here are my personal transformation after 8 weeks of using the program – don’t laugh at my faces 🙂

My Lats Got Bigger From Doing So Much Handstands & Pull Ups

I gained 5 pounds of muscle diring these 8 weeks (also put on some fat as well, but muscle building was my main goal)

I went from a weak 135 to a solid 145 in weight

I say 5 pounds since I know not everything I gained was muscle, but I could just feel myself getting stronger, muscles getting fuller & bigger

My shirts were getting tighter, my back was bigger and I felt stronger!, My grip improved by time and so did my conditioning

My Lats became Huge! from all the pull ups, inverted rows and handstands!

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Results - 5 Pounds of Muscle in 2 Months Without Lifting Weights Before and After

It definitely boosted my confidence to become bigger

Now these were my own results, Will you have similar results?

That really depends on where your starting from, but if you are starting skinny & weak then for sure you will make gains!

The program overall kicks ass to make you feel better

Getting rid of pain is liberating & I can’t really express how freeing this is

I had a messed up shoulder when starting the program & now my shoulder feel strong, healthy & mobile

It’s not 100% back to normal yet, but it is  way stronger than when I started (It used to hurt when I tried to scratch my back from the top, it was bad & every lifting I did was uncomfortable, even pull ups were a mess)

2 of the big exercises in the program that helped my shoulder tremendously were handstands and inverted rows!

Overall I am super glad I gave the program a shot as it restored my body & set my strength foundation for lifting weights again

And if you are worried about not being able to do some of the exercises like pull ups and handstands, don’t worry there are progressions that you can do

The actual program manuals:

The actual ebook is straight to the point, no fluff, just describing the structure of the workouts & why they are so effectiveBodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets Download

  • There is a 3 month program (I did phase 1 & 2) and a 4 week beginner course
  • There is also 2 interviews with 2 bodyweight beasts & man these interviews are full of gold!

The guys there shared how they train to get stronger and build muscle with just bodyweight, how they eat & how to keep making bodyweight more challenging so they are constantly getting bigger & stronger

You will get actionable knowledge on how to manipulate bodyweight training to make you stronger, build muscle, lose fat, or a combination of all 3

And not to mention that these interview are just damn inspiring and will make you have no excuses!

  • You also get videos on how to do the exercises & the warm up

Something that I would have liked to see is more nutrition info (it was short & straight to the point) but at the same time I liked it as it did not confuse you on how to eat

I also would have preferred the interviews to be in audio, but reading them pumped me up and inspired me big time to go kill it afterwards so they were great

So i can personally tell you that the program works IF you put the effort and dedication onto it!

It’s not magic but if you do the work it will improve your strength & help you get rid of pain

If you wanna get stronger get leaner, build muscle & feel fresh and energetic after your workouts then I strongly recommended you get BW BB

Get Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets Here

I got results form it, so I know it works, + you also got a money back guarantee in case you make no gains and don’t like it

But I know you will get bigger, stronger & improve your body Big time once you try the program

Here is what some user’s have said:

No Equipment, No Excuses Workouts

Regrets Not Buying Bodyweight Bodybuilding Sooner

Bodyweight Workouts Fixed My Back

Fun as Hell Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workouts

Now just reading those have pumped me up to go kill a bodyweigt workout right now!

So if you are looking to Grow Stronger, Get Leaner, Build Muscle and still feel Fresh and Energetic after your workouts then Bodyweight Bodybuilding is For You

If you have any questions about the program (about anything or if it really is for you) feel free to drop them below , I’ll be glad to answer them 🙂

Take Action, Build Muscle & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

Intense Bodyweigt Bodybuilding Workout @ The Playground!

Intense Bodyweigt Bodybuilding Workout @ The Playground!

You know those days when you know you gotta do something, but don’t feel like doing it?

Today was one of those days

Mentally I wanted to workout, but my body just wasn’t 100%

But I pushed trough anyway & cranked this Intense Bodyweight Workout

Perform Prescribed Reps for EACH Exercise Before Moving to Next Exercise

1) Squats x 100
2) Push Ups x 75
3) Pull Ups x 25
4) Recline Rows x 25
5) Mixed Leg Raises x 15

The workout looked too easy on paper so I added sprints between each sets to make a little tougher

Those Sprints Crushed Me!

My mind was telling me to stop doing them by the second set, but I didn’t listen and just continued

The whole workout did not go as planned at all, I thought it was gonna be an easy workout and I was gonna flow smoothly trough every set

By the time I was at 25 push ups my body wanted to quit &seemed like my body was wanting to tell me to quit & take it easier

  • I wanted to thorow up after every sprint since I had just eaten breakfast about 1.5hrs prior
  • The heat was dehydrating me
  • And after every rep my muscles were filling with more lactic acid every time

Perhaps my body wanted to quit but I wasn’t gonna listen to it!

I knew I needed to push trough, after all I was already there at the park & had everything set up

Nothing went smoothly but I pushed trough & felt victorious afterwards!

It made me remember how much resistance we have to fight daily to achieve our goals

But when you know what you want, you don’t let obstacles make you give up, you overcome them & move on to better things!

Give this workout a try & let me know how it goes!

I will have my Bodyweight Bodybuilding Review Up Tomorrow

The workouts have been fun & kicking my ass!

Stay tuned!

Luis Carrillo

Quick & Tough Bodyweight Workout (BW BB D15)

Quick & Tough Bodyweight Workout

The simple shit at the end gets a lot tougher when fatigued!

Today it was 4 simple bodyweight exercises in ladders sets

The workout might look simple and easy in paper, but as you go trough it, it’s not about just finishing it, it’s about pushing trough as fast as you can

It is in moments like these that you see how tough you are and this can eaither make you feel depressed for being weak, or motivated to push harder and get stronger

It is a simple point of view but one that makes all the difference!

Here is how this tough bodyweight workout went down:

Wk 4 D3

Perform AFAP

1A) Squats Jumps x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
1B) Pull Ups x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
1C) Close Grip Push Ups x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
1D) Lunge Jumps x 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (each leg)

2) Run 3 x 1/4 Mile (Rest 2 min each 1/4 mile)

The last 2 ladder sets were tough!

Fatigue, lactic acid and the excitement of almost finishing the last 2 sets makes you push trough and give it your all!

Running after this was horrible!

My legs were filled with lactic acid & felt heavy but I pushed trough! No excuses!

It was a tough challenge & I overcame it!

How about you?

Give it a try & listen to your self conversations

Are they telling you to push trough & keep going even tough shit is getting harder?

or is it telling you to take a break because you are too tired?

Don’t let your mind confuse you!

You can always push trough hell, even when you don’t want to

Don’t settle for less, push trough & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

Quick At Home BodyWeight Workout! (BW BB D14)

Quick At Home BodyWeight Workout!

“5 Reps of Squats Kicked my Ass!”

That’s what the last 5 reps of jumping squats did to me, my legs were fried & full of lactic acid

Today I cranked this bodyweight workout & even tough it looks simple it kicked my ass!

Jumping squats & jumping rope is something I never did as part of my training a month ago & now that I do, it’s a realization to see how I need to go back & master the basics

Week 4 / Day 2

1A) Weighted Push Ups 3 x Max Reps (10-15 range)
1B) Weighted Recline Rows 3 x Max Reps (10-15 range)

(60 sec. rest)

2) Squat Jumps x 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 (Rest 60 seconds between sets)

3) Jump Rope x 5 minutes (moderate intensity)

4) Various Leg Raises x 30 Reps

 It’s always going back to the basics that will make you remember that you constantly need to improve

Seeing how your form breaks down after certain reps or seeing that you don’t go full ROM in these basics movements

Am about to finish with BodyWeight Bodybuilding this week & this program so far has showed me my weaknesses & energized my body

Taking a break from heavy lifting has been fun and challenging, but can’t wait to go back to the weights!

I’ll have my review up soon too!

Talk soon,

Luis Carrillo

Upper Body Bodyweight Workout For A Strong Back! (BW BB D13)

Upper Body Bodyweight Workout For a Strong Back!

Since Starting Bodyweight Bodybuilding my Back has Been Getting Stronger Everyday!

Handstands, Pull Up & Push Ups are Staples on the Program & Today’s workout it was all about these powerful fundamental exercises

Wk4 D1

1) Handstand Push Ups W/ Holds x 5 x Sub Max ( 75% effort)

2A) Mixed Push Ups 4 x 20
2B) Mixed Pull Ups 4 x 10

3) Run 1/2 Mile x AFAP

A month ago when I tried to do a handstand my body would be so unstable that I would immediately fall!

So I have been practicing handstands against the wall with holds at the end

And man my core and shoulders have gotten a lot more stable and stronger

During one of the interviews inside the BEASTS of Bodyweight Training Interviews, one of the Beasts talks about how he trains & shared that holds are a MAJOR part of his Training!

Since I read that I have incorporated it a lot more & it’s working!

If you are struggling with a bodyweight movement, practice it throughout the day (don’t go to failure)

And pause during the movement or simply do holds!

  • During pull ups hold mid way or at the top
  • During handstands also hold mid way or at the top
  • With push ups same rules apply

Start doing holds with your bodyweight training & am sure you will improve your reps, get a lot stronger & challenge yourself even more!

Lunch On Their Handstands

You Might Get Strong Enough to Eat Your Lunch Like This!

I’ll Have my Bodyweight Bodybuiding Review soon, so stay Tuned!

Go Attack like Now!

Luis Carrillo


Just Run Away! (BW BB D12)

Just Run Away!

Many of us that have been lifting weight for some time now tend to see long running as “not functional” to our purpose of getting stronger & building muscle

And is true, just running long distances won’t get you stronger, nor build muscle

But I wanna challenge you to Run!

To Run Away without thinking

To let your body just flow & listen to your mind talking to you

If you haven’t been running for a while, you will wanna stop fast, you will wanna quit & you won’t want to run farther because it hurts

And perhaps running won’t do much to get you bigger muscles, but it sure will be a wake up call!

A wake up call to see how you deal with pain & discomfort

I don’t like long distances because I am poorly conditioned for it

But that’s why I gotta do it, because I am weak at it

Am about to do this workout right now:

Week 3 / Day 4

4 Rounds AFAP

1A) Squats x 25 reps
1B) Lunge Jumps x 10 ea. leg
1C) Run 1/4 Mile AFAP

There is some running involved with which I know I won’t be great at

But I gotta push trough this & challenge my mind

I challenge you to do the same

Get uncomfortable & do something you won’t like

Don’t do it just to do it, but do it because going trough it will make you stronger

Maybe you try to avoid pull ups because you are not strong enough

Well you won’t any stronger at them if you avoid them completely

Training is much more than the physical,

You gotta push your mind to limits its not used to if you wanna grow!

Run Away & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

Upper Body Bodyweight Workout

Upper Body Bodyweight Workout

Sometimes you just need the to feel the “Pump”

That feeling of Stretching your shirt & feeling like your muscles are gonna pop

That Natural high it gives you, it’s priceless, makes you feel victorious & invincible!

That is how this last Bodyweight Workout Made Me feel:

6 Rounds AFAP

1A) Mixed Bodyweight Pulling (Pull Ups/Recline Pulls) x Sub Max Reps
1B) Ring Push Ups x Sub Max Reps
1C) Ab Wheel Roll Outs x Sub Max Reps

It gave me a massive Pump on my Back

It was a short non-stop workouts, but made me feel re-energized afterwards!

Give it a Go & am Sure Your Gonna Feel Invincible Afterwards!

Exiting stuff coming soon!

Luis Carrillo

Weighted Bodyweight Circuit – 5 Rounds AFAP! (BW BB D10)

Weighted Bodyweight Circuit

Sometimes Bodyweight Alone feels Empty

Specially if you are too used to training with weights,

So to Fix this “Emptiness” Just Add some resistance to your bodyweight training

What to you might thought was easy at first just turned into a brutal challenge!

There are many more ways to make Bodyweight Training Harder & adding weight to your exercises is on of them

Make it worst: Turn that Into a Non-Stop Circuit!

So now you have Weighted Conditioning

And these circuits Suck if you have no conditioning!

Here is how today’s weighted bodyweight circuit went down:

Week 3 / Day 2

5 Rounds of Each Superset AFAP

1A) Weighted Squats x 10 reps
1B) Weighted Recline Rows x Sub Max Reps

2A) Weighted Push Ups x Sub Max Reps
2B) Walking Lunges x 6 reps (ea. leg)

The Extra Resistance Made it Tougher but it Was Fun!

A Weighted Vest would be Ideal for this Workout, but if you Don’t Have one Fill Up a Backpack with Heavy Shit & Get To It!

I Put 22 Pounds of plates in the Back Pack & the Backpack that I did the Squats with was Filled with a 50 Pound Bag of Sand (These things are like $3 at the store)

Get It Done & Make No Excuses!

My Time was 12:47, Am Sure You Can Beat Me!

Talk Soon!

Luis Carrillo

Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout – 5 Rounds AFAP! (BW BB D9)

Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout - 5 rounds as Fast As Possible

Those Times When you Want to Throw Up During Your Workout are Always the Worst!

Your Doing Fine & all of a Sudden Mid Workout you Start Remembering your Last Meal, You Feel it Wanting to Rise Up & wanting to Get out of your Body

All that Shaking, Jumping and Moving is Making you Light Headed & All You Want to Do Is Stop

But you Don’t, You Pause Momentarily but Push Trough & Continue

Either 2 things Happen Later, You Throw Up or You Just Fight Trough The Workout Wanting to Do So

That’s How my Last Workout Felt, but It was My Fault

I Ate a Full plate of Ground beef & potatoes about 1.5 hrs before attacking my training

This whole week will be all circuit training

The workouts are simple, but the fact that you are not stopping makes it hell!

Here is how my last circuit went down:

(Wk3 / Day1)

1A) Squat Jumps x 10
1B) Clapping/Regular Push Ups x 5 + 5
1C) Lunge Jumps x 5 (ea. leg)
1D) Pull Ups x Sub Max Reps
1E) Hanging Leg Raise x 5

Simple, but I ended with my legs wobbling while I went down the stairs, had me gasping for air & with a feeling of throwing up

These were 10 min in Hell that showed me how bad my Conditioning Was

Am sure you can beat my 10:09 time (if you do let me know!)

Lot’s of people say “I don’t have time to workout”

That’s a Big Lie!

You Make the Time if you Want Something Bad Enough

Everyone Has 10 Min, So Don’t Make Excuses!

 Take Action!

Luis Carrillo

Fast At Home Bodyweight Workout (BW BB D8)

Fast At Home Bodyweight Workout

How Much Do You Care About Yourself?

What do you Do When you Get Sick?

You Rest Right? Some Do, Some Don’t

I was Sick for the Past 2 Days & My Body Felt Like Shit

I decided to take a break, and today woke up feeling great & ready to Kick Ass!

It was a Big Reminder that Things never go as planned, there will always gonna be obstacles & things getting in the way of your goals

I wasn’t hungry & all I wanted to do in those 2 days was sleep, but the damn heat didn’t make this comfortable

Most people when they are sick, don’t feel hungry & simply skip eating & instead chow down some pills & medicine

I knew I had to eat & stay hydrated to battle trough this, get some nutrients in and let my body heal itself

It sucks to cook when you are sick, but these moments show how much you care about yourself!

Are you Willing to Put in the Work & Do the Things that you know you Must Do? Even tough you are Tired & Feel Weak?

Most Won’t…

Here is How Today’s Bodyweigth Workout Went Down:


Week 2 / Day 4
1A) Clapping Push Ups 2 x 5
1B) Weighted Pull Ups 2 x 5
(Rest 60 sec.)
2A) Bulgarian Split Squats 3 x 10 ea. leg
2B) Lunge Jumps 3 x 5 ea. leg
(Rest 60 sec.)
3A) Weighted Push Ups 2 x 10
3B) Recline Rows 2 x max reps
(NO Rest)
4A) Sprint Forwards 5 x 100’
4B) Sprint Backwards 5 x 100’
(30 sec. rest)


These first 2 weeks of Bodyweight Bodybuilding have been more preparatory than anything; working on getting used to executing the basics again

Things are gonna start getting heavier & more about conditioning these next 2 weeks

The weighted exercises are fun & I miss having that resistance!

The conditioning, the running and the sprints are gonna be hell for me, but I am looking forward to the challenge

I hope you have been enjoying the videos & my little rants these first 2 weeks, if not, can I get your feedback on how I can improve or what you want me to show?

Things are gonna get Nasty these next 2 weeks!

It’s gonna be Fun!

Talk Soon!

Luis Carrillo